1. Who used the call sign Z Victor One to BD ?

2, Which show had the line You stupid boy ?

3. In which show did the robot always say On our way home ?

4. Why did The BBC repeat the first episode of Doctor Who a week after  the  original transmission ?

5. Not cannabis but a little weed who stood between which two friends ?

6. Which BBC TV cop series always opened with the line Evening all ?

7. Who kept his files in Arden House ?

8. On which show did Pan and her friends dance ?

9. Which early TV pop programme had the train Leaving at five minutes after six o'clock ?

10. Kingstanding in Birmingham and Four Oaks in nearby Sutton Coldfield merged names for the location of which soap ?

11. The actor playing Ena Sharples grandson in Coronation Street joined which boy band ?

12. What is the name of the fictional prison in which Porridge is set ?

13. Why is there a ship in Blue Peter ?

14. He also played the part of a judge in a TB Series but played the role of a chief constable. Who is he ?

15. What was Barbra Woodhouse famous for on TV ?

16. What was the number of the emergency ward ?

17. What did Hughie Green invite you to do with your money ?

18. Which school did Billy Bunter attend ?

19. Whack O! Who was the headmaster ?

20. Who had a horse names Hercules ?

21. Which actor was a saint ?

22. TWTWTW - a common abbreviation for what show ?

23. How long did Tony Handcock's show run for ?

24. In which town was Fawlty Towers to be found ?

25. In which department store would you be asked if you were being served ?

26. To which manor was Audrey born ?

27. Who was George's other half ?

28. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair's father-in-law starred in which TV series ?

29. Where did the Wombles live ?

30. In which city did detective Van Der Valk work ?

31. What two things did Reginald Perrin do ?

32. What did Sid James say should be done to this house ?

33. Fenn Street Secondary Modern School hosted this TV series ?

34. In this politically incorrect comedy what were you advised to do with your neighbour ?

35. Who did Dennis Waterman mind ?

36. Graeme Green, Bill Oddie and Tim Brooke-Taylor were who ?

37. He used to live in Milton Keynes after his mother 'ad him ?  Who is he ?

38. What was the original name of the soap Emmerdale ?

39. Name the TV detective series where one of the investigators was a ghost.

40. What was the very first childrens TV series produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson ?


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