1.      Which game did The Duke of Earl like to play ?

2.    How many of the female persuasion did Fred have in the car ?

3.    Which rock and roll singer said An ambition is only a dream fitted with a V8 engine ?

4.    Which bird is Fleetwood Mac's favourite ?

5.    What was Judge Dread's big number ?

6.    How many group members sang about Good Old Rock And Roll ?

7.    Who claimed that England Swings ?

8.    She was a member of a Roman Catholic order but still had a major hit in the 1963 pop charts. Who was this and what was the song ?

9.    Why did a former Brixton Ďbus driver fly on Coconut Airways ? 

10. What was the flight number which Ebony Eyes was on board ?

11.  Who wanted to know the assassin of a Disney character ?

12. Which newspaper cartoon character won a victory over a World War I flying ace ?

13. Who told her doctor she was in trouble ?

14. What do Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and  David Bowie  all have in common ? 

15.  You me and a canine named ?

16. A Leighton Buzzard group had a big hit singing about a Blue Peter Dog ? Title of the song and name of the group ?

17. Who never promised a rose garden ?

18. Who had a metal hit about a white bovine ?

19. Who suggested the need for a melting pot ?

20.Easy one this !  What was the first song played on Radio One ? 

21. Name the British group that had a hippie hit abut The City By The Bay.

22. Feline river ?

23.Graham Pulleyblank had a hit with small pointed weapons. Name the song.

24.Who said that love is taller than a California Redwood tree ? 

25.Billy Elliot boogied to which 1970ís group ? 

26.Who had a miserable time in Blackpool ?

27.There never was a teenager opera just a single excerpt sung by ?

28.What was the original song and who recorded it, for what was later used in an iconic Coca Cola advert ? 

29.Whose mother would not let him fix it in the kitchen ?

30.He was probably too fat to do this himself but who suggested you should do The Limbo Rock ?

31. Who told you there was no one quite like your parentís father ?

32.What was the shape of Michaelís percussion instrument ?

33.Which English painter was featured in Brian and Michaelís 1978 hit ?

34.Who said Close Every Door To Me ?

35.Which film featured The John Dunbar Theme ?

36.Who conducted The Chariots Of Fire at the opening ceremony  of  London 2012  Olympic  Games ?

37.Which piece of classical music was used by BBC News to introduce reports on the Apollo Space Programme ?

38.It was played for the first time at the coronation of King George II and has since been played at the coronation of every British monarch. What is it and who wrote it

39.Which two football clubs share a TV police series theme tune as their anthem ?

40.Which country singer suggested we should dance a Christmas Polka ?

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