1.     Who wanted you to catch the wind ?

2.    What did David and Jonathan want lovers to do ?

3.    What did Sony say to Cher ?

4.    What colour did Procol Harum sing about ?

5.    Where did Petula not want you to sleep ?

6.    How high did the Byrds fly ?

7.    What colour was The Lemon Pipers percussion instrument ?

8.    What was the problem with Traffic's item of clothing ?

9.    What did Blue Mink want ?

10.  What love potion were they searching for ?

11.  California Dreaming by The Mammas And The Pappas, can you explain the metaphor of this song ?

12. Another one from The Mammas And The Pappas, where did they  say it was safe to be  ?

13. Taking their name from a popular kids TV programme which British group had an iconic  hit singing about The City By The Bay ?

14. Which year did Zager and Evans look forward to ?

15. How many people attended Woodstock in 1969 ?

16. Whose guitar played The Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock ?

17. Who could not let Maggie go ?

18.  Had they wanted to what could The Move have picked along the way ?

19.  According to The Moody Blues what did the nights wear ?

20. What did Norman Greenbaum see in the sky ?


The Geriatric DJ