1. Which piece of classical music was used by BBC television to introduce its news coverage of The Apollo Moon Project ?

  2. Who is the most financially successful composer of all time ?

  3. Which orchestra sells more CDís than any other music artist ?

  4. The Geriatric DJ refers to which orchestra as; Where classical music meets rock and roll ?

  5. In which opera could you listen to The Brindisi or The Drinking Song ?

  6. Gustav Holst composed The Planet Suite. What nationality was he ?

  7. It was composed for the coronation of King George II by George Frederick Handel and has been played at the coronation of every British monarch since. What is it ?

  8. Who sang Barcelona with Freddie Mercury ?

  9. Why is it tradition for the audience to stand up during  The Hallelujah Chorus in Handelís Messiah ?

  10. Who composed The Liberty Bell ?

  11. Who does legend say composed Greensleeves ?

  12. Who was the former slave captain who composed Amazing Grace ?

  13. How many symphonies did Ludwig van Beethoven compose ?

  14. Who composed The New World Symphony ?

  15. Anitraís Dance and Morning Mood come from which piece of work by Edvard Grieg ?

  16. Who conducted Chariots Of Fire at the opening ceremony of London 2012 Olympics ?

  17. In which ballet would you expect to find The Russian Dance ?

  18. Who played second trombone in Tittipu Town Band ?

  19. Which member of the Strauss Family composed The Thunder And Lightning Polka ?

  20. Which is the only piece of orchestral music to feature the zither ?

  21. Who is famed for his unfinished symphony ?

  22. Who composed the Thin Red Line March ?

  23. In which opera by Giuseppe Verdi does La Donna E Mobile feature ?

  24. Sometimes called The Prince of Denmarkís March is better known as ?

  25. The flight of which insect is celebrated in music by Rimsky-Korsakov ?


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