1.     Starring Michael Caine and John Standing in the 1976 film which bird landed ?

2.    Which domestic bird did former pop singer Adam Faith play ?

3.    Which group did the albatross select to celebrate its flight ?

4.    Which bird has a spitting image ?

5.    Which group gave us the Birdie Song ?

6.    An avian song by Sweet People ?

7.    Which nocturnal bird did The Beatles sing about ?

8.    On the wings of a snow white ?

9.    Rocking who ?

10. Which bird did a dinosaur ride ?

11.  Which hotel do you think an eagle would have you stay in ?

12. Which legendary bird sang near to The Ritz Hotel ?

13. Which church did Mary Poppins suggest you go to in order to buy food for the birds ?

14. Which bird song would you find in the middle of the road ?

15. Which typo bird told you to turn, turn turn ?

16. Which bird sang for your love ?

17. When this South American bird flies overhead what do the people do ?

18. With a hole in its shoe which bird did traffic hitch a ride on ?

19. Where did The Police take a canary ?

20. Sing Little Birdie was the UK entry for the 1959 Eurovision Song Contest. Who sang it ?


The Geriatric DJ