The life and times of my grandmother Lily. The years she lived through are real enough but I have wrapped her life in an author's vivid imagination.

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Yep that is me playing cricket with my childhood pet Mac.

A few years later on my 9th birthday I started a revolution in my junior school. Only girls were taught to read and play music. I wanted to learn but I was a boy.

Initially my friends thought I was a sissy but as momentum gathered the timetable was changed to make music uni-sex. You can read the full story in my schoolboy autobiography - Things Were Different In My Day.

I wrote this book originally in 1993. I never got my act together to offer it to a publisher but here it is now on Amazon as an e-book. It could be read y a child aged 11 to about 13 years but more than that it is an adult's book giving an adult view on a child's life. It is fiction but every adventure young Di enjoys is based on something from my own childhood.

Within The Wild Adventures Of Di Central Eating is the chapter ROCK AND ROLL SUPERSTAR where young Di sings this song. No, Di does not become a pop singer ?  Why, because the gap at the front of his mouth where once there had been his milk tooth is replaced with new growth.



This is a story I originally wrote for my son as a present on his 12th birthday. That was way back in 1990. He is grown up now with children of his own. The book was published in paperback form but has been out of print for years. I am delighted to here bring to new readers on Amazon.  Peter inherits an old fashioned fountain pen from his great grandfather. Every time he writes with it he is transported to the time and location he is writing abut. Peter finds out that he is descended from Pirate Henry Morgan and learns of a feud that has been running through his family for centuries.

I always called him Enigma Granddad but I never knew just how big an enigma Billy Hardcastle was.



Thank you for choosing to read my story. But having friends read these fifteen or so thousand words is not why I have written them. There is something quite different I hope you will be inspired to do. Read the three little stories by all means but that is not what this trilogy is about. I want you to take part in your own exploration of time and space. Use my three simple adventures to start your own.

Two wonderful years working as an arrogant management trainee in a city centre deportment store. Had Destiny not meddled and sent me down an entirely different career path I could possibly have become Britain's King Of The High Street.


It is said that your school years are the happiest days of your life. Mine were not. They were the biggest waste of time within my life. School and education were monochrome. Teaching involved the presentation of information without anything like an explanation. The happiest day of my teenage life was the day I left school.

This Piece of music was the final hymn at the leavers' day service. I sang it, walked out of the building and made a very rude gesture then began my real life.


Max Robinson